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Fire damages are in many cases severe damages, in large amounts of money, and unfortunately, they often cause casualties.

Fire damages might leave a family without its apartment or home, and even without important papers and documents which were burnt as well – this is a very difficult situation. We work in order to ensure that the insurance company pays the entire insurance compensation as soon as possible, in order to assist the family who suffered fire damages to return to a reasonable course of life as soon as possible.

In businesses, the damage to property is usually more severe, and the fire might consume inventories of millions of NIS, structures might suffer damage that might require their destruction and building anew, or a massive reconstruction – this is damage which might destroy the entire business if not dealt with quickly and effectively.

In cases there is no relevant insurance policy, it is essential to investigate whether there exists any body which can be attributed negligence that might have caused the fire. It can be the supplier of a refrigerator, an air conditioner, another electric appliance, a company that installed a system of some kind and so on.

Our office works in collaboration with the senior fire investigators and electrical engineers in Israel, in building the case to maximize the chances of the insured to receive a realistic pecuniary compensation and in a reasonable period of time.

It is important and know and remember – a refusal of the insurance company to pay insurance compensation / denial of insurance coverage are not the end of the story. In many cases we represented, the insured received the entire insurance compensation, although the insurance company attempted to deny the insurance coverage..

In many cases when the insurance company refused to pay, we managed to get the entire amount of the insurance, or the most part of it for our clients, even in cases that seemed hopeless!

We manage claims against insurance companies in courts across Israel, and when possible, we conduct the negotiation opposite the insurance company for you as well, in order to shorten the process for you. We do this in collaboration with the best experts available, in order to reach the best outcome in your case.

Publications, articles and lectures:

Adv. Erez Schneorson is an expert in insurance law. His articles are published in different channels, including Yedioth Ahronoth, Maariv, Globes, The Marker, the Contractor's Channel. Adv. Schneorson lectures in various frameworks, such as the Institute for Continuing Legal Studies of the Israel Bar Association. He also consults law firms. Adv. Schneorson is the Head of the Courts' Committee in the Forum of Fire Investigators in Israel..

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