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E. Schneorson, Diab & Co. Law Firm represent plaintiffs, insured in insurance claims against all insurance companies in cases of property damage. We represent plaintiffs and defendants in tort claims, in cases the insurance company denies the coverage. Our clients are private individuals and companies, including infrastructure, construction and contracting companies. We do not represent insurance companies. Adv. Erez Schneorson is a renowned expert in insurance claims in cases of fire damage, burglary, vehicle theft, water damage, as well as in cases of professional liability and liabilities insurance, he is highly experienced in obtaining insurance coverage in contract works insurance policies, professional liability insurances and so on.

Our office possesses the expertise and the experience required in order to efficiently and professionally manage insurance claims, and get you the insurance coverage and the entire compensation from the insurance companies, in elementary insurances, liability insurances, professional liability insurances, insurances of contractors, engineers and so on.

We specialize in cases of water and fire damages, cases of breaking into homes and businesses, theft of vehicles, trucks and heavy machinery, construction damages to buildings and industrial structures, engineering damages and so on. We are highly experienced in managing insurance claims for damages or insurance compensations.

We manage claims against insurance companies in courts across Israel, and when possible, we conduct the negotiation opposite the insurance company for you as well, in order to shorten the process for you. Adjusters, investigators, engineers, project managers, accountants, underwriting experts – we work with the best experts available, in various fields, in order to reach the best outcome in your case.

For many, even the legal terms in the field of insurance claims might be an obstacle trying to receive the compensation they deserve and to exercise their rights. Thus, for example, terms such as limits of liability, retroactive coverage, insurance continuity, insurance compensation, offer form, re-instatement, indemnification, underinsurance – all these are terms of great importance in the struggle for full compensation and in the management of the case. We make sure to assist you in understanding the meaning of each and every one of the terms in the field of your claim, we include you in the management of the proceeding, in the conflicts and in making the decisions.

Publications, articles and lectures:

Adv. Erez Schneorson is considered an expert in the field of insurance and professional liability policies. He lectures and writes. His articles are published in different channels, including Yedioth Ahronoth, Maariv, Globes, The Marker, the Contractor's Channel. Adv. Schneorson lectures in various frameworks, such as the Israel Bar Association, the Insurance Association, The Adjusters Association, the Institute for Continuing Legal Studies of the Israel Bar Association. He also consults law firms and so on…

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